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S.M. Chavez

Artist S.M. Chavez (Sean Michael Chavez) was born in 1971 under the high desert sky of New Mexico. His visceral connection to the area's unique landscape and ethereal light are central to his landscape paintings. He is a graduate of the Art Center Design College and an award winning graphic artist. As a painter, he is self taught and relies on his instinctual sense of composition and sensitivity to tone and color. His pallets tend to be muted, borrowing from the same air of understated nuance and mystery that the desert often displays.

His newer work empahsizes broad fields of color and distills elements of the landscape into pure forms and voluminous shapes. These canvases can often create an otherworldliness that charms the viewer into a space unlike any other. As his work continues to evolve, there is a sense that he is moving closer towards abstraction while still maintaining a firm footing within the genre of the painted landscape.

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Avery's Pick Memory of San Juan Morning Moonset Monuments Prelude